I fell in love with drawing as a freshman art student. I'll never forget my first day in Bob Paige's class drawing vertical lines with a piece of vine charcoal. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this. The simple act and focus required to draw a series of vertical lines on a large piece of paper mounted to an easel had my total attention. I was hooked.

After I finished art school at the Cooper Union, I always wanted to return to that feeling of calm, focus, and visual attention I experienced in Bob's drawing class. A few years ago I found the Rittenhouse Drawing Group organized by Mark Bullen, and I've done my best to make it there as many Tuesday nights as possible.

The drawings shown here represent work I've done at RDG for the past few years. I've only shared my drawings with a few people—until now. I hope you enjoy them, and possibly that you'd like one to hang in your home.